Akhtarzad | Los Angeles, CA

An E3 principal was appointed as Chapter 11 Trustee for this individual bankruptcy case that primarily involved ownership interests in 35 commercial properties valued at $236 million.  The Trustee was able to negotiate a consensual plan with the primary secured creditors, and have the plan confirmed within 6 months of his appointment.  The case had previously languished as a debtor in possession case for the prior 18 months.

EquiPoint Financial | San Diego, CA

A mortgage and financial firm which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection during the recent real estate downturn. Initially appointed as Accountants for the Outsider Creditors Committee to analyze insider and avoidance claims, to perform a valuation and liquidation plan analysis, and to review litigation claims, an E3 principal was ultimately named as the Plan Trustee to conduct the final liquidation, analysis of claims, and distribution of recovered assets to creditors.

Mark Prebe | Long Beach, CA

An E3 principal was appointed Chapter 11 Trustee for this individual bankruptcy involving a large personal residence, and 8 rental properties, including several transitional homeless properties. In addition to taking over the properties, bringing in a property management company, and being involved in the sale of properties, the Trustee had to conduct a forensic accounting review of the prior reporting of income by the Debtor.

National Debt Defense | San Diego, CA

An E3 principal was appointed Accountants for the Debtor in order to analyze and review financial operating results, prepare forecasts and projections, prepare US Trustee Monthly Operating Reports, and assist in preparing a final Chapter 11 liquidating plan.

Pacers | San Diego, CA

An adult entertainment establishment, whose owners filed for voluntary bankruptcy protection due to litigation. An E3 principal was appointed as Chapter 11 Examiner to investigate related party contracts, and to investigate and opine on whether a related party sale, third party sale, or reorganization was in the best interest of creditors. The recommendation made ultimately resulted in the replacement of the debtor in possession by an independent trustee.

Protron Digital Corporation | Ontario, CA

A company which imported and sold electronic products, including televisions, DVD players and home theatre systems, to retailers. An E3 principal initially managed the project on behalf of the receiver; and then ultimately, placed the company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection primarily to preserve preference payment and other insider claims. The project involved the recovery of cash, the liquidation of assets, the closing down of the company’s operations, and a forensic review of how and where funds were diverted from the business.

Richard Cheroske | Lakeside, CA

An E3 principal was appointed as Chapter 11 Trustee in this individual bankruptcy case in order to investigate related party transactions, attempt to settle partnership disputes involving numerous real estate properties and legal entities, and investigate transfers of assets from the bankruptcy estate.

TRI National Development | San Diego, CA & Mexico

An investment scheme which defrauded investors in order to enrich the owners and invest in land and other ventures. As project manager for the Chapter 11 Trustee, an E3 principal administered the bankruptcy estate, filed all necessary reports with the US Trustee and assisted in the liquidation of the real properties located in Mexico.

Ultra-Flex Moulding | Escondido, CA

A flexible residential moulding product manufacturer for building contractors and construction firms. An E3 principal was appointed as Chapter11 Trustee to operate, and ultimately market and sell the company through a Court conducted auction process. The project included analyzing insider and preference payments, and preparing and executing a finalized distribution plan to creditors.  The Trustee was able to sell the business for $60,000 more than the original sale previously arranged by the Debtor.

Vail Lake Resort | Temecula, CA

An E3 principal was appointed as Chief Restructuring Officer (“CRO”) for this 10,000 acre resort, RV park and entertainment venue and filed for Chapter 11 protection in order to avoid a taxing authority foreclosure. The CRO managed the property as a debtor in possession during the reorganization. The CRO negotiated a settlement with the principal secured creditors, and sold the property in a $50 Million transaction to the Rancho California Water District. Despite numerous legal and creditor claims, the CRO achieved a plan confirmation paying creditors, including payments to unsecured creditors. The CRO was then appointed as Liquidating Trustee to resolve outstanding issues in the case and make final distributions.

Xelan | San Diego, CA

A Bankruptcy and Accounting project involving companies which provided various investment and insurance services to a network of doctors, until they ran afoul of the IRS and various other federal agencies. As project manager for the receiver, an E3 principal was responsible for depositing of funds, preparing of sources and applications of funds schedule, performing various financial analyses and cash flow projections, performing a true-up of commingled entity operations, and reporting to the US Trustee.