Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

1555 Wabash | Chicago, IL

A multi-family housing tower. E3 was engaged to provide forensic accounting and litigation support involving alleged diversions of funds, unreported revenues and preference payments.

Berry-Hinckley Industries | Reno, NV

A dispute between the buyer and seller of the business. As project manager for the Independent Accountants, an E3 principal managed the determination of the appropriate value of working capital at the time of the sale. The project included the review of thousands of invoices and other supporting documentation, as well as the determination and proper interpretation of the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Cypress Abbey

A partnership dispute involving various real estate assets located throughout California, Oregon, Nevada and Hawaii and one operating business. E3 principals, on behalf of the receiver, performed an in-depth Forensic Accounting review of 13 joint ventures, which involved sorting through over 100,000 pages of source documents and analyzing over 20,000 transactions over a several year period. The assignment included preparation of an extensive report presenting the review’s findings.

Emerald Bay | Imperial, CA

An incomplete senior housing development project where investor funds were allegedly diverted by the owners of the project. Hired as Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness to support the litigation, an E3 principal reviewed and analyzed construction draws, numerous real estate transactions, investor contributions, and ultimately testified in Court as an expert witness.

Friedman Trust | San Diego, CA

A dispute between beneficiaries over the financial operations in various family trusts. As project manager, two E3 principals performed this forensic review involving 25 legal entities, some containing large real estate assets, to determine that there was sufficient documentation, authorization and proper reporting for all transactions.

Kamen vs. Schwartz | Los Angeles, County, CA

A partnership dispute. An E3 principal was appointed Referee to monitor various properties in the midst of a partnership  dispute to ensure that distributions, transfers or withdrawals of money from such properties, are in accordance with a preexisting Settlement Agreement and prior Court orders granting motions to enforce the Settlement Agreement.

Norman vs. Norman | Reno, NV

A father/son financial dispute. A Special Master assignment involving a Forensic Accounting review of all cash, real estate and partnership transactions involving 10 separate legal entities over an 11 year timeframe.  The review consisted of over 2,000 financial and 200 real estate transactions, and culminated in a ruling settling the financial claims of the two parties.

Protron Digital Corp | Ontario, CA

An E3 principal was engaged to provide an expert insolvency report relating to insider preference payments and the diversion of funds for the electronics reseller prior to the company’s receivership and subsequent bankruptcy filing.

Southpeak Interactive, LLC | Dallas, TX

E3 was engaged to provide expert witness services and litigation support relating to lost revenues and other issues relating to the video game maker’s dispute with the distributor.