Receivership – Operating Businesses

A Green Alternative | San Diego, CA

An E3 principal was appointed receiver over this retail cannabis dispensary to oversee operations during an ownership dispute. Responsibilities included replacing management and improving operational efficiencies, taking over the state and local licenses, implementing a new state tracking system, completing rent and license renewals, and overseeing litigation matters.

Buechel Chiropractic | San Diego, CA

A practice offering chiropractic and other medical services, including massage, acupuncture, marriage and family therapy, and physical therapy. An E3 principal was appointed Receiver primarily to collect on a bank judgment through the operating profits of the business and to collect accounts receivable.

Burger King | Los Angeles, CA

An E3 principal was appointed receiver over four (4) Burger King restaurants located in South Los Angeles, in a complicated judgment collection matter. The Receiver protected the assets through the pendency of the underlying case, during which time performance of the restaurants markedly improved in the face of numerous litigation and bankruptcy hurdles. The improved performance and cash flow associated therewith and the ultimate sale of the assets resulted in significant resolution for creditors of the estate.

Butera Furniture | Encinitas, CA

A high-end furniture retailer placed into receivership due to a partnership dispute and a liquidity crisis. As project manager for the receiver, an E3 member operated the business and ultimately oversaw the sale of the business to one of its former partners.

Gordon Rush | San Diego, CA

A men’s footwear design and wholesale company. As project manager for the receiver, an E3 team member managed the business, and with a funding commitment from the lender, negotiated and secured product held in customs, worked with manufacturers in Italy and China to secure additional product, sold product to various well-known retailers and ultimately oversaw the sale of the company.

Gregory Canyon Landfill | North County San Diego, CA

An E3 principal was appointed receiver over this 308 acre proposed landfill area in order to stabilize operations, and ensure the timely payment of amounts due creditors pending the foreclosure and sale of the property.

Mountain View Manor | Desert Hot Springs, CA

An E3 principal was appointed receiver for this latter stage assisted living facility. As Receiver, took over operations, and sold the property to another local assisted living facility operator through the receivership.

Oceanside Ale Works | Oceanside, CA

An E3 principal was appointed Receiver over this closed microbrewery and taste room as the result of a partnership dispute. The Receiver was tasked with selling the property and conducting a forensic accounting review of past partner financial actions and determining a proper distribution of proceeds.

Rambling Oaks Assisted Living | Oklahoma City & Norman, OK

An E3 principal was appointed receiver for these two financially distressed assisted living facilities. As Receiver, took over and stabilized operations, brought in a new operator, returned the facilities to positive cash flow, and oversaw mitigation of deferred maintenance and other operational issues.

Sandstone Financial |  San Diego, CA

The company invested in life insurance policies for elderly individuals and then ultimately sold them to investors. An E3 principal oversaw the project on behalf of the Receiver, which involved analyzing the company’s financial operations, and seeking the recovery of assets for investors.

Sunshine Assisted Living Communities | Northridge & Ventura, CA

Two assisted living facilities burdened with substantial deferred maintenance and environmental issues. As receiver, an E3 principal took over operations and engaged licensed operators for the facilities; the project eventually entailed closing down the facilities and relocating the residents.

Tantra Sutra | San Diego, CA

A nightclub located in the downtown Gaslamp District. As project manager for the Receiver, who was appointed during the 2003 Super Bowl hosted in San Diego, an E3 team member oversaw club operations, deliveries and purchases, cash management and ultimately the shutting down or club operations.

Tradelink International Corp. d/b/a Affordable Grease Pumping | San Diego, CA

An E3 principal was appointed as Receiver in Family Court to oversee this grease trap pumping business during a family dispute over ownership and control. The Receiver worked to address numerous deficiencies in the company including cash flow problems, licensing and regulatory issues, payroll and tax issues, as well as theft and fund diversions.

US Logistics | San Diego, CA & Tijuana, Mexico

A logistics company which primarily shipped TVs from Mexico into the United States. As project manager for the receiver, an E3 principal performed forensic review on the entity’s financials, assisted with family law litigation support and wound up physical operations of the company.