Problem Resolution/Fiduciary

E3’s Problem Resolution/Fiduciary Services exemplify an unmatched track record in the fiduciary and problem resolution/workout arenas. We capitalize on our extensive and direct real estate management experience in order to service a variety of real estate assets, and we have also developed a track record with operating businesses. We thoroughly understand and take fiduciary responsibility seriously, and approach all fiduciary assignments with the utmost transparency and awareness. Our primary problem resolution services include:

+ Receivership – Real Estate

+ Receivership – Operating Businesses

+ Securities & Exchange Commission

+ Bankruptcy Trustee

+ Forensic Accounting

+ Litigation Support


Provisional Director

Liquidating Agent

Special Master

Liquidating Trustee

Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

Homeowner’s Association and Condominium Association Management

Business Plan Development

Project Management & Completion